Alright, well I have a confession to make, I was an avid tanning bed user at one time. I used to tan all the time in high school, and the beginning of college when I worked at a spa. Until last year, I would tan a few months out of the year so I wouldn’t be so terribly pale during the dead of winter.

Exfoliator $16   Color Maximizer $15     Sunless Spray $17

I wasn’t a fan of self tanners and bronzing lotions because I was afraid of looking like a streaky Cheeto. So I decided being pale was better than being streaky and orange.

But last year I decided that tanning wasn’t worth it for many reasons. 1) Skin Cancer, that alone is enough to keep me away from tanning now that I’m getting older. 2) Being in my mid twenties now, I would rather save my skin, and have it still looking great in my 30’s, 40’s, and beyond, rather than being tan all year round. Tanning just isn’t worth it. So I started my search for the best self tanner I could find.

After trying a handful of self tanners, I have found the ONE! I love California Tan products, and this 3 step system works great together.

I use the exfoliator first to prep my skin for spraying, I also shave the night before. It’s always best to exfoliate before to remove all the dead skin and any oils you may have built up to have a clean slate before you spray. Then I use the prep gel to prime my skin before applying the spray. This is great to moisturize before spraying (I have dry skin so this is a must for me). Next I spray! This spray is so easy to use and its not streaky. I love how it gives me an olive tone and not orange. I also use this on my face all year round so I always have a sun kissed look. I always wear sunscreen on my face and hate wearing foundation so this stuff is a lifesaver.

I usually apply this about once a week in the winter and the bottle lasts me a few months depending on how dark I want to get!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!