Alright, well I have a confession to make, I was an avid tanning bed user at one time. I used to tan all the time in high school, and the beginning of college when I worked at a spa. Until last year, I would tan a few months out of the year so I wouldn’t be so terribly pale during the dead of winter.




Being almost 25, I am learning to take care of my skin now more than ever. All those years of tanning, and using cheap products on my skin haven’t done me any good. I have tried so many products that my skin has rejected over the years, but I’ve finally found some great products that work for me! I have sensitive skin so I’m very careful about the products I use, Skin Ceuticals is a lifesaver! All their products are dermatologist recommended (my dermatologist even recommends it) and their company has been around since 1994! ┬áThese are some of my favorite from their line! I have so many other products I love using, but today I just wanted to recap on these specific ones because I feel like these are the essentials. (more…)

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