Here it is ya’ll! I have been getting tons of questions about my workout routine and wanted to share with ya’ll what my week usually consists of.

First, let’s get things straight. I am not a pro in the gym by any means and have tried tons of different methods, routines, classes, sports…etc. After trying a variety of different workouts and diets I have finally found a good routine that works for me. Notice that I said it works for me, I’m saying this because not every routine works for everyone. Everybody is different and has their own goals and motivators. My motivation for working out is to be able to eat as many tacos as I can, without consequences.. Kidding, but really the more you workout, the more food you can eat, depending on what your specific goals are. I love food, so when I get a good workout in, I don’t feel as guilty eating what I want. I still try and eat as clean and healthy (I’m a vegan ) as I can, but I treat myself when I’m craving something.

I am always looking to improve and get better in the gym. I don’t always feel like going to the gym 4 days a week, but I try my best to make it and make up for it if I slack. Normally I workout 4-5 days a week sometimes twice a day if I take a workout class. I could go into detail about everything but I know that no one wants to read all that so I will keep it as short and simple as possible.


Body weight squat 3×15

Squat with barbell (weight depends on what you are comfortable with) 3×12

Glute kickback machine (I vary the weight each time but like maxing out on the last set) 3×12

Straight leg deadlift with dumbells 3×15

Lunges with dumbells 3×15

15-30 mins of cardio on the bike at the end of my session


Leg lifts 3×30

Russian twist with 10lb ball 3×20

Plank holding for 30 seconds–Side Plank each side same thing

V ups 3×10

Heel touches 30sec x 3

Reach throughs 30 sec x 3

30 mins cardio of your choice


Pure Bare Empowerment class- this is the first time I am sharing about purre bare and I have to say I fell in love with it the first time I tried it! It’s a great full body workout that’s easy on my joints and I am always sore the next day! I will be doing more posts about Pure Bare in the future too

I also like to go to the gym after doing a class if I am feeling up to it and do a little cardio session usually the Stairmaster for 20 mins or walking uphill at 3.5mph.


Variation of Monday but I switch up the weight and add a few exercises. I can start making simple leg workout videos if ya’ll would like!



Pure Barre Workout class!

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Finding time to relax is so important to for your health and well being, I am writing this today because I notice so many people getting caught up in that go-go-go mode all the time, and not finding enough time to relax and reset. If you are a student, take care of your family, work 50 hours a week etc, time can seem to melt into the next day. The average American works 50 weeks a year, and only gets two weeks paid vacation. This doesn’t give you much time to revamp.  If you are among the majority of people who don’t take time to destress, it could seriously be affecting your health long term. (more…)

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