Since I have been getting a few questions about my lashes recently- which are amazing! I wanted to give y’all all the information on my extensions, why I love having them, where I go, and the maintenance.

Where I go for lash extensions

I live in the triangle area and I have found the best spot for lash extensions, and I love the prices. I go to amazing lash studio near south point mall in Durham NC, get directions here!. I have been going here for a few months now and I LOVE all the girls there, and my lashes always look amazing!

What kind of lashes do I get and what are your other options

So I usually get the same kind of lashes every time I go just because I love the way they look. Which are called “gorgeous”. These are my favorite because they are thicker and fuller all the way around. They have other styles to choose from if you want more of a natural look or even more of a dramatic one. I love being able to wake up and not have to worry about putting on lash strips or even bothering with eye makeup. Going into the studio and talking to a lash artist can help you decide which type of lashes are best for you. You don’t want to damage your real lashes with something too heavy so they will be able to help you find the best fit.

Eyelash extension maintenance

I’ve learned that maintenance can be different for everyone depending on how well you take care of them. My friend had extensions and they only lasted her a little over a week and she would have to get a refill, but for me they last about 3 weeks. It’s also all about how you take care of your lashes! A refill typically takes about an hour.

Another thing that can affect how long your lashes last is what you use to wash you face and eye makeup. With lash extensions you should avoid any makeup remover with oil in it, I also don’t put water directly on my face anymore. Instead I just wash my face with a washcloth!

Is it damaging?

Talking with you lash expert can help you maintain beautiful healthy lashes and still keep extensions. Everyone is different and your lash expert will be able to guide you in the right direction to make sure your real lashes stay healthy!

Makeup with lash extensions

This is the number one reason I love having extensions. a lot of people ask about putting eye makeup on while wearing my lash extensions and honestly, I don’t! Unless I am shooting for the blog and wearing a little bit of shadow I NEVER wear mascara. You don’t have to, and your lashes will last so much longer based on personal experience. They do have products that you can buy from Amazing lash studio if you insist on wearing mascara, but I love mine without it! No mess at the end of the night either, it’s the worst taking off messy mascara and having black circles under you eyes the next morning.

Why I love my lash extensions, and why its worth the money

There are so many reasons why I love having my extensions, and don’t mind spending the money on them. To me anything that can help me save time in the mornings I love.

I am not one to wear makeup every day so having lash extensions defiantly helps my lazy look lol. Another reason I love them is because part of my job is always taking pictures, so it’s nice to have camera ready lashes all the time. If you don’t want them all the time I would still recommend them for someone who is getting married, an engagement shoot or going on vacation. Its so much easier to already have your lashes done while you are on vacay relaxing not wanting to wear much makeup. I also love them because of my active lifestyle, and not wanting to wear mascara to the gym. Normally I would walk out of the house with no makeup and nothing on my lashes, I feel so much more confident when they are done! I promise once you get them done you won’t ever want to be without them.❤️

Lets talk about pricing! Your first full set is only $79.99 and you can join and become a member for $59.99 – which includes one eyelash refill per month. You can purchase additional services at low member rates.

Here is a video of the after care for the lashes. It’s simple and I incorporate it into my am/pm routine!



Hope this answers all your questions about lash extensions. Let me know if you have any more questions, and feel free too call Amazing lash studio at any of their convenient  locations to set up an appointment or to learn more information about the services they offer. I always go to the South Point location, so I definitely recommend calling them to get an appointment if the location is convenient for you! I linked all the locations near me below! The Southpoint locations phone number is 919-748-5096. Give them a call to set up an appointment today!


6905 Fayetteville Rd., Suite 101
Durham, NC 27713


Brier Creek
8211 Brier Creek Parkway, Suite 101
Raleigh, NC 27617
Waverly Place
575 New Waverly Pl Suite 104B
Cary, NC 27518