Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I was so excited to share this post because, if you know me, you know I am religious about my skincare. Starting a good skincare routine in your twenties is so important. Since I’m always taking pictures for the blog I make sure to take care of my skin.

I have been going to Lorena Luca spa located in Raleigh for some time now, and it’s by far my favorite place to have a relaxing spa day. Not only do they offer facials, they also have a full-service spa, with everything from a couples massage to medical aesthetics. I love going to Lorena Luca because they also have a sauna and an infrared steam room where I like to relax before my services. The added amenities Lorena Luca offers, along with the outstanding service and tranquil atmosphere have kept me coming back! The atmosphere at a spa is so important to me. When I’m going to get a service done, I love going to have a cup of green tea and relax in the sauna…seriously my fav thing to do! Taking that time for myself is so therapeutic, I try to do this at least once a month, because not only is it relaxing but taking care of your skin is a must, so why not do both at Lorena Luca!

The dry sauna is so relaxing before getting a service.

Let’s get to the good stuff though! I tried micro needling for the first time last week. Some of you may know what this is, and some of you may be thinking to yourself, does that hurt? Well, im going to answer both of those questions and more today in this post. First off, since this was my first time trying microneedling I was a little anxious to find out how my skin would react to it. I have never done anything like it before, but I’ve read so many great reviews that I had to try it. Picking the right spa for these kinds of treatments is so important. I always know that I am in good hands with the estheticians at Lorena Luca so I wasn’t nervous.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive natural treatment that uses fine needles to create tiny holes in the skin, which result in new collagen and elastin formation.

Who is a candidate for micro needling?

I have combination skin, so sometimes I’m oily, and sometimes I’m dry. I get annoying blackheads like everyone else and have an occasional pimple here and there. Still, my skin could use some improvement from the previous damage I have done to it over the years. Microneedling helps treat so much more than just blackheads though. It helps treat acne, reduces scarring, reduces hyperpigmentation, and improves the overall texture of your skin, especially those fine lines. The best part is, most people see improvement after just one treatment! So if you are suffering from large pores, acne, and fine lines, microneedling may be worth a shot along with a good facial and skin care regime.

What to expect during the treatment

Does it hurt? Well, I’m going to be honest with you, on my forehead, yes it stung a little bit, but the rest of my face I would scale the pain as a 3 out of 10. They do use a numbing gel before the service so that helps. Getting under that first layer of skin is crucial for collagen production. Comparing this to other treatments, microneedling is way less painful and the results are by far worth the short time it takes to get done. The service takes about an hour.

After microneedling

Right after your treatment your skin will be red, but this will start to improve in 24 hours. For me, I had minimal redness the next day and was able to go out and run errands but everyone is different. Keeping your skin hydrated after with the right skincare products will help your skin heal and recover quickly. I use Neocutis products, you can purchase them at Lorena Luca! I will be do a blog post with my updated skincare routine with Neocutis if ya’ll would like!

My skin before microneedling was dull and needed a little rejuvenation. Before my session, I had some blackheads on my nose, which my regular facials don’t always get rid of.

Immediately after my treatment, my skin is still red but this lasts only a few hours.


I wanted to make sure I waited a week before taking my final picture, and I am super impressed with the results of microneedling. I will be going back for 2 more treatments after I let my skin heal. Microneedling works best when done on a schedule, it can be safely repeated again 4-6 weeks after treatment. Depending on what your initial reason for getting microneedling may be, you may desire more than 3 treatments. I am more concerned with producing new collagen so 3 treatments a year is what I’m shooting for. I would highly recommend getting microneedling if you suffer from any of the above. I am loving my glowing and blackhead free skin!

If you are interested in any spa treatments, Lorena Luca offers everything! Give them a call today to set up an appointment. The staff is so accommodating, and will make sure you have a great experience!


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