Hope everyone had a fabulous week and is enjoying the little bit of warmer weather we are getting in NC! I’m sharing my trip to NY for fashion week today on the blog!

First off, I love going to NY to visit for a few days at a time. Anything more than 5 days though and I am ready to go back to my own bed lol. Anyone that has ever been to NY or lives there knows how fast-paced and busy it is all the time! Definitely a nice change from Raleigh. This was an extra special trip because I got to bring my two favorite girls with me who hadn’t been to NY in a while! Being able to bring them to a fashion show with me was so much fun! We toured around the city for 5 days in search of the best sweet treats and fun things to do!

I had booked an Airbnb in Manhattan almost 3 months before fashion week and I should have booked it sooner than that because my options were limited. Fashion week is HUGE in NY and takes a lot of planning in order to get the best deals and reservations. Luckily our place was so nice and had 3 beds and 3 baths, which is a huge place for Manhattan! Definitely got lucky during this stay. It was also very chic and clean which is always a plus. Anyone that is shy of staying at an Airbnb needs to try it at least a few times. I will say that I have had bad experiences where I paid 500+ a night and it was horrible and dirty but it also had some bad reviews that I should have read prior. Just make sure to read reviews and you should be fine. On another note though, be prepared to spend 350+ a night if you are staying anywhere nice in  Manhattan, especially during fashion week craziness. Overall had a great experience with Airbnb this time and will definitely be booking with them for my next trip to NYC!

I felt like we did so much in 5 days so I’m just going to recap on our favorites!


FASHION SHOW AT CIPRIANI– We attended a few fashion shows at Cipriani, which is a sophisticated restaurant they transformed into an amazing runway and venue! We got to Cipriani at five o’clock and stayed a few hours and got to see some amazing designers. We also got front row tickets which I’m so glad we did because the experience is worth it! All the designers did a fabulous job and the models were killing it! I was happy to see all different sized girls and guys strutting it down the runway. At the venue, there were drink tokens you could purchase as well as trendy beauty vendors to visit! This was definitely something I would recommend getting tickets for if you are ever curious about attending shows at NYFW. You can also apply as an influencer if you are invited or just buy your tickets. Either way, I’m sure you will have so much fun! You can read more about upcoming fashion week news here!

230 AND 5TH IGLOO BAR– This place was impressive! We heard so many good things about 230 and 5th that we had to try it out! We went here for a night out and it was totally worth it. The atmosphere was laid back and the food and cocktails were delish! The coolest part….haha I’m saying coolest because they had igloos on the roof with heaters inside! You can’t miss this place if you visit NY, it makes for an awesome photo op and where else can you enjoy a drink overlooking the city in an igloo? Not sure about admission prices, but when we went it was free. Drink prices ranged 15+.

MUSEUM OF SEX– I feel silly even writing about this, and I don’t want to go into detail but the museum was completely worth seeing at least once! Of course for those 18+. This is something fun to do with your girlfriends and definitely gave us a laugh or two! We got the jump for joy package and got to jump in a bounce house full of boobs at the end…you have to do this lol. I think we paid around $30 for admission including the jump for joy pass. If you purchase tickets online before going they are a little cheaper. You can get your tickets here!

BLACKTAP– We waited in line in the rain for an hour and a half just to eat at this place. Was it worth it? Yes. I feel like this is one of the most talked about milkshake places in NYC and I see pictures and videos of it all the time on “Delish” and “Tastys”. All the hype everyone is talking about is real. The milkshakes were so good and the food was even better. They also have Gluten Free and Vegan options which was nice. I got the Oreo milkshake and my girls got the sweet and salty and the candy. The service was very friendly and our food came out quickly which was nice since we were hungry from standing in the rain. (So glad I had my Canada Goose Jacket which kept me warm and dry the whole time)

ROUTE 66 CAFE– This place is a cute little cafe type restaurant with great drinks and Vegan options available! We went here for brunch and everything was delicious. Of course, we had to get bloody marys to start off our day! This would be a good place for lunch or dinner too if you are looking for a quite small bar with some good eats.


There is so much to do in NY for a fun trip with your girls or a romantic getaway with your significant other. Overall we had an amazing trip and can’t wait to come back! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!