I love getting hair questions and sharing my favorite products with ya’ll! I have used so many products over the years and have come to the conclusion that better products = better hair! I rarely ever use drugstore products in my hair, not because I don’t like the products, but because I have much better results with salon quality products. My hair has grown so much since I started using better products with less harmful ingredients. I linked my favorite wand I use to curl my hair and some products I like using. Each of these products I have repurchased after running out, yes they are that good. I also linked a few round brushes I like using, yes a good round brush is crucial for a good blowout! I used to use cheap brushes but have noticed using salon quality brushes gives me less frizz and more shine.

To prep my hair for a blowout I always wash my hair twice (I do this because I only wash my hair once a week so I make sure to massage my scalp really well to get all the build-up out) and condition it. Sometimes I will use a deep conditioning mask as well. After this, I ALWAYS prep my hair with my 21 Spray and a little bit of diamond oil for the ends. Both of these products are lightweight and have heat protection in them. I like using a little bit of Big Queen blowout gel for added volume and it helps hold my curls too.

I use the 1inch wand with my Nume to get beach waves. I never use a regular brush to brush out my curls because it pulls them out too much. I always use my wet brush for this! Trust me this makes a huge difference.

Even after a fresh shampoo, I like using a little bit dry texture spray and dry shampoo to give my roots volume. I feel like this helps so much!  I’ve linked all my products below for easy shopping, don’t hesitate to ask any questions about the products I’ve linked.